Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty and Peaceful

This is just the tiniest snippet of the beautiful scenery
I've enjoyed this weekend.
How could a person not be at peace 
with a scene like this laid out before them?

And this sunset sky.
Is it not breathtaking?

The Hubster treated me to a couple of days 
in Ohio Amish Country.
We stayed at The Carlisle at Dutch Valley
and this is the view from our balcony this morning.
When the fog clears, the rolling countryside
seems to go on and on forever.
And in the fog at the top of this shot
I could see something trying to peek through the misty air.
I zoomed in and this is what I saw.
Just beautiful.

And this was our room.
The quilts on the beds were simply beautiful
and the artwork throughout the room was lovely.
Isn't the furniture pretty?
Love this little corner.
I'm not sure why the colors in these pics do not look true 
on my computer screen, but the carpet was a 
very pretty dark shade of green.
Not the ugly pea soup shade that I'm seeing here.  ; )
And the walls were a light sage.  
Very tranquil.
Very tasteful.
The bathroom was SPOTLESS.
That's a must for me.
I detest a nasty hotel bathroom.
The dressing room/closet.
(The closet area was to the left of this scene.)
Notice the mini-fridge under the counter.
LOVE having a mini-fridge in the room.
When you have dinner in the Amish Country, it's extremely difficult
to save room for dessert.  That handy little icebox enabled us to
order fresh, homemade pie to-go.
Midnight snack, ya know?  ; )

I have a ton more pics on my phone that I hope to share with you in the next day or two.
I took a few shots of the rest of this lovely hotel
and snapped several when we were out shopping.
Some places frown upon picture taking when it comes to 
craft or decor items,so I wasn't about to attempt it with my camera.  
Hope the phone shots are okay.

Perri and Tucker left yesterday morning for King's Island and Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend.
Brie, Josh and the boys took them for a little getaway 
before school starts back.
They won't be home until tomorrow evening sometime.  
I hope they're having as good a time as we did.
: )