Friday, July 8, 2011

The Key to Ruining a Vacation... the key held in the evil hands of a person with no conscience and the inability to control his/her childish impulses to lash out, in secret, at folks he/she doesn't even know.  Meanness personified.  :(

Yes, someone keyed our truck.  In the parking garage at the hotel.  At night.  And there are no security cameras. 

Then, within hours of this discovery, we get another shock.  At 3 a.m. there is a knock on our door.  It's my father-in-law and it seems that he had gotten up to go to the bathroom only to step in water above his ankles. A water pipe under the sink in their room had burst.  They had to evacuate at least three rooms.  The good news? Tucker said it made a really pretty waterfall flowing over their sixth floor balcony.  ; )

And this morning the sky is looking dark and vicious.  So I believe we're heading home a day early.  Better than being stuck in the room all day while the rain pours outside our window. 

Catch you folks when I'm back in my own cozy little cow pasture!  : )