Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Shots on a Saturday

Just going through the shots on my phone and found a few
I think are worth sharing.  

I snapped this one quite early this morning.
Brie is working at the Farmers' Market 
and she dropped off the boys
on her way out.
Hayden was still pretty sleepy
and decided that my legs would make
a comfy place to stretch out 
and watch a movie.  : )
I didn't argue.
Sweet, quiet moments like this
are few and far between with this
active little guy.

Ever had this?
If not, you MUST try it.
Tastes like summer.
This is one very exhausted Perri shortly after she returned
from band camp and took her first really hot shower
in almost a week.  
(I guess the hot water supply at the camp
can't quite keep up with more than 140 band members.)
The adorable (?) head gear she is sporting
is the famous (infamous?)
Each year one freshman is honored with this glorious chapeau.
It is adorned with mementos from each person
who has ever worn it, so this means Perri
gets to add her own special touch, too.
It has to be something that reminds her of her first band camp.
I think it's pretty cool that she was chosen.  : )
I just don't want to go anywhere with her
while she's wearing it.  ; )

And this, my friends, is Bob.
She's being....well, Bob.  
She's a good ol' cat
who brings us 'presents' on a regular basis.
Presents I at first found
somewhat disturbing.
(Mice are gross.  Disemboweled mice are even more so.)
But I know she gives them with much love.
She's looking out for us.
And keeping those pesky little rodents out of our house.  : )