Sunday, July 3, 2011

The First Full Day

This will be a pictureless post.  I think you'll understand why when you read on.

I set no alarm for this morning, deciding I'd get out of bed when my body said it was time and not a moment before.  It's time to relax and recharge.  That's what vacation is all about, right?  ; )

I began to come alive around 8:30 and was nearly human by 9.  The others got up when I told them I was heading down to the beach for a stroll.  We all love mornings on the beach!  The original plan had included a walk and then The Hubster, my MIL and I were going to leave the kids with their Papaw and head into town to pick up groceries and supplies for the week.  (We learned last year that Saturday evening was most definitely not the time to go!  We stood in a checkout line for more than an hour.  Not my idea of a good time at the beach.  So we opted to bring enough munchies to last through Sunday morning and then go shopping.)

Well, as they're prone to do, plans changed.  We were enjoying the beach far too much to go back to the room and get ready for a trip to the store.  We decided to put it off and go in the hotter part of the day, when we'd probably be wanting to get out of the sun for a while anyway. 

I ran back up to the room, got my Kindle, my chair, my phone and headed out.  I was ready to relax and enjoy, I tell ya!  R.E.A.D.Y.

And then I struggled to do so.

I love sitting at the water's edge, letting it lap at my ankles.  What if I dropped my Kindle?  Oh my!  So I put the Kindle back into my beach bag and decided I'd read at night, in my safe, dry bed.

Then I thought I'd check my email and maybe take a peek at Facebook.

Well guess what.  My iPhone cost more than my Kindle!  What if I dropped it into those same teasing waves?  NOT. GOOD. 

I did read a bit when the kids decided to move from the ocean to the swimming pool.  The reclining chair on the pool deck seemed much less fraught with danger. 

And then the kids would come to get their towels or something else in the bag and I'd worry that they would drip on my phone.

I mean, really.  How much more could I find to stress me out? 

Plenty, I'm sure.  ; )

When we returned from our shopping expedition and I got myself ready to hit the beach again, I decided instead to leave in the room anything that isn't ocean or pool friendly.  If it requires a charger, has a touch screen or any sort of processor, it is going nowhere near that sand and surf. Period.

And you know what?  The rest of the day was quite relaxing.

And that's what vacation's all about, right?  : )