Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feelin' It!

The soreness, that is.

I have a little goal in mind and working toward it is causing some pain. But pain, no gain...right?

So what is my goal, you ask? It looks something like this:

Right now mine looks more like this:

Okay, not quite that flabby, but it's getting there. And I want to nip it in the bud.

I've never had much upper body strength, never been a workout buff, never been particularly fit. I wasn't an athlete when I was in school and while I will toss a ball or some horseshoes and play a little badminton or croquet in the yard with the kids, I'm still not much of an athlete. The kids usually win.

'Nuff said.

But I have this burning desire to firm up, get a little more fit, and best of all, I want to DARE to go BARE!

Just my upper arms, folks! I only want to go sleeveless!

What did you think I meant?

I've been doing an upper body workout with some light weights, and for overall fitness I'm walking a couple of miles a day at the local track. Now, I don't mean a leisurely stroll. I walk FAST! I'm actually seeing a difference already in my stamina and it is encouraging! The track where I walk is 1/3 mile and it used to be that by the time I was working through lap 2, I was getting breathless and it was nearly impossible to carry on a conversation with my walking partner (when I have one). Now I can walk a full 2 miles and still sing along with my iPod!

So now that I've spent a good chunk of the morning on this computer, it is time for me to hit the track. But before I go I want to encourage you to exercise your 'clicking' finger by dropping in at Country Girl's place and getting in on her giveaway! She's going to pick a winner on Sunday and this is what's up for grabs! How CUTE is THAT??? And her blog is great. Take a look around and I'm sure you'll want to add her to your blog list.