Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh the irony!

First of all, please allow me to make a point regarding yesterday's post. I'm afraid it is drawing reactions from one extreme to the other...either I took it far too seriously or not seriously enough.

Let's just say I can see both sides. :)

The deceit and the danger (both not taking the meds that control his asthma and leaving the meds where they were within reach of the baby, even though the weren't in sight) are being taken very seriously. The fact that he offered to 'take them all to get caught up' last night terrified me, too. I explained that one pill = one day's worth of medicine. 51 pills taken at once would kill him. What if his conscience (and he definitely has a conscience) had led him to do this earlier, before I discovered his stash, out of the fear of the consequences? :(

But the comedy involved is not lost on me. ALL THOSE GUMMIES!!! My goodness, there were nearly two bottles worth of gummies in that tissue box! He said "Mom, they're just nasty. Besides that, they ache my teeth!"

And just imagining him slipping in there each morning and dropping them through that little heart-shaped hole in the top of that box...well, that's funny stuff. :)

He's still my little angel.

His halo is just a little crooked because of the horns.

I know I can't laugh about any of this in front of him. At least not until he's 16 or so and has brought a girl home for us to meet. I'm collecting stories for times such as that.

Now on to the irony.

The first thing he asked this morning was if we had decided his punishment yet. Poor kid had been tossing it around in his mind all night, I suppose. And he's not the only one.

Then he came downstairs for breakfast, put his lunch in his messenger bag, discussed his library book, talked to his sister about her track practice, etc. As usual we ended up rushing out the door so Perri wouldn't miss the bus and I could drop Tucker off on time.

It was on the way home that I realized what had been missing from that routine.

I forgot to give Tucker his meds.


  1. I do wonder...if he hasn't been taking the meds, how has his asthma been? Meaning, has it been worse or has he been OK? I know that Jamison was on Singulair at one time and now she doesn't need it. That is interesting that you forgot to give it to him. I'm sure he's learned his lesson and you handled it well.

  2. Bad mommy! Bad, bad mommy! LOL!!!

    If Tucker remembers this, he'll have a comeback when you pull this story out in front of his girlfriend in 10 years! :-D

  3. Very scary situation...that he might have taken all the pills to make up for missing his dose. I also get a little nervous with meds, even vitamins, that taste like candy. Another temptation for a child to overdo it. But I think you handled it all wonderfully, Kelli.


  4. Talking to him and explainging all of that will make a difference. Good for you!

  5. My son (now married with children) once gave his little brother (now also a dad) a handful of vitamins from the vitamin jar. I guess I caught them in time, but oh what a worry these kids can be! Yikes!!! Have a great day!

    P.S. If you have a chance, please visit my daughter Carrie's blog (www.carriesayer.com) as she writes about her husband's loss of job last week. They have two toddlers and are trying to stay positive! I know she'd appreciate a visit!


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