Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here goes nothin'!

That's me. I'm being a copycat.

My friend Robin got brave and convinced me that I could do the same. Thank you, Robin! You're no Slacker in my book! ;)

I've always envied the bloggers that use the DISQUS comment system. They can reply to individual comments and on their posts without the worry of 'Do I leave the comment on THEIR blog or do I just respond here and hope they see it?' It is a great system and IF I've managed to install it correctly, all comments left from this post forward will be DISQUS comments!

So we'll see how this works. I've told you before that I'm about as cool as this guy

when it comes to computer stuff.

So hit me up with a comment. Let me see if I pulled this off successfully or if I'm going to have to call on someone who resembles the above to help me out.