Friday, March 5, 2010

Mr. Sunshine...Spring is on the way!

Meet Mr. Sunshine.

Mr. Sunshine is my friend. He just hasn't been terribly friendly lately. He came around some yesterday and he's back for a visit today. And the best news of all is that he's supposed to stick around for the weekend!

Once again, I feel like doing a happy dance.

My daughter, Brie, is so excited to see a sunny forecast for the weekend that she has planned this...

Even the thermometer is going to join the party and rise to the occasion!

Well, it won't rise quite THAT high, but it IS supposed to hit 55*.

This is just the kind of weekend I've been needing. It has been so gray and dreary around here for weeks. That is, gray and dreary on the days it wasn't pouring the snow! I'm ready for a little bit o' spring.

And a glass like this.

And some time unwinding here.

This is my little space on the side porch where I put things that I find pleasing and relaxing. It's my favorite place to sit early in the morning when I'm the only one up or late in the evening, once the sun has disappeared behind the hill and the sky glows a lovely orange. This is where I read a good book or just enjoy this...

Pure bliss.



  1. I'm with you on springtime excitement! It will be a while before it is warm enough for me, the weather wimp, to sit outside, but bring on the sun!!

  2. We've had a really cold winter for Texas so I'm ready for Spring too! Your porch is charming...I'd never want to leave it!

    I wanted to come by & thank you for your sweet comment about my son's miraculous recovery but haven't had time til now. Is this Kelli from the old HGTV forum? Roffy's sister?

  3. Kelli, I love your "space". It is wonderful. I have always wanted a wrap around porch ever since I was quite young, but never had one! Yours looks great! Enjoy the Spring like weather while you can!

  4. I LOVE your porch. Ive always wanted one. I have a back porch but it rarely gets sun and its surrounded by lattice ;( Love this post, and now I want some sweet Tea!! lol... xoxo LA

  5. I share your love of all things sunny!!
    There's always lots of "Sweet Tea" at my place so drop in any time.


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