Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boiling and chopping and gettin' it done!

Haven't had time to post today and I just wanted to stop in and say I may not see you again until Friday. As the title of this implies, I'm a wee bit busy! : )

Getting this sort of thing done

so I can make the dressing and the potato salad tomorrow.

Boiling some of these

(15, to be precise) for deviling, and a couple more for the salad. We don't normally have potato salad on Thanksgiving but Brie has requested that I make a small bowl, and we all know....if the pregnant lady ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy! ;)

Plus I'm thawing the turkey and the ham, and tomorrow I'll be peeling 10 pounds of potatoes (we love some mashed potatoes around these parts!) and I'm considering making the rolls tomorrow as well. It's just so much easier for me to enjoy the company and the meal on Thanksgiving Day if I have the big stuff done ahead of time. I've done them the day before for a couple of years now and they reheat beautifully when wrapped in foil and placed in a 350* oven for 10 or 15 minutes. :) I'll also bake the pumpkin pies using my Mama's recipe. It's the best! :)

I'm also rearranging the family room to make room for the tables and chairs. It's the only room big enough that we can all sit together for the dinner.

Today I added at least 4 more guests to my list and that, my friends, makes me happy. I love to feed the masses! :) Looks like a total of 16, at this point. Unless I find someone else who doesn't have a place to eat. ;)

May all of you have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving Day, surrounded by family and friends and with entirely too much to eat! :) That is my prayer for you. God bless you all, and don't forget to take just a little time to count those blessings.