Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Good Monday morning! I've had a fairly busy weekend, so there is plenty of miscellany to share. I'll just sip my hot cup of Constant Comment and dish out the details. :)

*On Friday evening we went to my cousin Amanda's to celebrate her daughter Livi's 4th birthday. What a great party! Amanda created a Wizard of Oz Extravaganza for her Dorothy-loving daughter. Keep an eye out HERE and I'm sure she'll be posting pics soon and you've GOTTA see how cool it was! : )

*On Saturday we had yet another little mini-celebration for Perri's birthday. I don't know how it happens but it seems that birthdays around here end up lasting for DAYS! We had a few great friends and family here for hot dogs and birthday cake and lots of laughs. : )

*Yesterday afternoon found me in Parkersburg with Brie and Hayden doing a little Christmas shopping. We hit the mall running and I actually made a little progress! Very little, but's something! ; )

*Now for today. I have one word for ya:

I have much to accomplish! For one, I'll be turning this:

into this:

in order to see this:

Okay, so not literally. Perri has been selling citrus to fund her 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. Orders are due in tomorrow and I have to get everything together, make sure the forms are filled out correctly and the total collected meshes with the total due, etc.

Plus there are about 4 of these:(Not four full baskets like this, but four loads...)

Picking up around the house.


Get the kids from school.

Then I have to get dinner (Italian this evening)
and immediately get Perri back to school for
basketball practice.

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Have a terrific Monday, everyone! : )