Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Splurge

Yes, I did it. I splurged just a little, teeny, tiny bit. The kids were off school yesterday for Election Day and Tucker went with The Hubster to prepare the deer shack for hunting season. That left Perri and me to our own devices and that means that we decided to go shopping. Well, 'looking' would be a better term since we had no money to spend but just wanted to see what there was to see. ; )

I wasn't in a mall kind of mood so I offered to take her to Kohl's. We LOVE our Kohl's. : ) I never go there that I don't find at least a half dozen things I really need.

Or maybe it's just things I really want.


Anyway, Brie and Hayden joined us on our little expedition and we took Kohl's by storm! Once again, I was not disappointed. I fell in love with a gazillion things!

A Powerball win would be fantastic for SO many reasons, ya know?

While looking around we happened to stumble across the Hallmark section, where I normally don't pay all that much attention. I mean after all, it's Hallmark stuff. Cards, ornaments, etc. I go to Kohl's for clothes and linens and home decor and kitchen stuff! Not Hallmark stuff. At least not until yesterday.

They had this:

And the sight of it made me smile. I LOVE A Charlie Brown Christmas. Always have.

Then I saw the sign.

And that's when I noticed those buttons up and down the side.

And my heart began to flutter. 'Cause I knew, I just KNEW, that one of those buttons would release the sweet little voice of Linus as he recites the Christmas scripture from the second chapter of Luke.


And it did!!!

See? Even Snoopy was thrilled!

Every year for as long as I can remember I have watched this Christmas special on television. I have anxiously awaited the part where Linus takes the stage and says "Light's please." Then I make everyone in the entire house HUSH!!! I want to hear it. I want to hear every sweet little word of it. And pity the one who tries to keep me from it! ;)

You see, of all the wise and wonderful words that my Holy Bible has to offer, that is my very favorite scripture. :) And the childishly sweet voice of Linus is so very perfectly innocent and so perfectly PERFECT when reading it!

And I did it. I spent $20 on this book. I will add it to our collection of Christmas books and it will be read each and every year during our month of Christmas reading.

But for now, it is on the nightstand by my bed.

And I just hope I don't wear out the recording before December gets here. ;)

And for your viewing (and listening) pleasure....with many thanks to my friend Shannon for sending this to me!