Tuesday, November 9, 2010

He or She...Which Will It Be?

Yesterday was a big day around here. No, not because it was my blogiversary. ; )

There was a slightly bigger thing taking place.

I was blessed to be asked to go with my daughter to find out the gender of this new baby!

And I just KNEW it was a girl.

Yes, I knew it. Hayden would be so protective of his little sister.
I could just see him looking out for her.
He would hold her gently on his lap and smile proudly for a picture.
He'd hold her little hand as she learned to walk.
He'd watch out for her on her first day of school.

How sweet!

And then...

...the ultrasound tech had to go and burst that bubble.

But you know what? That's okay! All ten fingers, all ten toes, that little heart pumpin' away. Yes, there may be a little 'extra appendage' there that didn't exist in my imaginings, but that's okay! A healthy baby is what's important and everything looks great. : )

So come April, I'll have TWO grandsons to cuddle! : )