Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bee-autiful Weekend for Some Honey

This past weekend was a-buzz with activity. 
There were bee beards, beehives
and honey products out the wazoo. 
We were bee-yond excited to take part in the 
31st anniversary of the West Virginia State Honey Festival. 
(Okay...enough bad puns already.)
Before Brie was able to find a location for her cupcakery,
she had booked a couple of fairs/festivals where she could set up to sell.
She has decided to not set up at the one later this month
because it will mean closing the store for two days
and it is less than two weeks after she opens.
But I'm so glad she decided to go ahead and do the Honey Festival!
We had gorgeous weather, sold lots of stuff,
and met some really nice folks.  : )

I snapped a pic of our tables so you can see some of Brie's handiwork.  

The small containers are homemade marshmallows
and next to them are the honeybun cupcakes.  
 These are my pepperoni rolls, with and without cheese. 
 Starting at the bottom:  pineapple upside down, strawberry rhubarb, black forest,
s'mores, peanut butter and chocolate, pancakes and bacon.
 Some of my faves...the strawberry rhubarb is killer!
 She had to bake several dozen more on Saturday night after we returned home from the festival.
The peanut butter-chocolate, honeybun and white wedding cake disappeared quickly!
And I'm pleased to say that I had to bake more pepperoni rolls, too!  
It was nice having customers return on Sunday before we closed 
because they had tried them on Saturday and wanted more.  : )

It was definitely a crazy/busy weekend and I missed my kids,
but it was also a good weekend and helped us get an idea of
which items need to be more heavily stocked.  

Grand opening is less than 2 weeks away!  : )