Friday, June 18, 2010

And so it grows....

A little garden update...

The unknown flower I posted about here is now beginning to bloom. Suddenly and without warning IT HIT ME! It is bee balm and here are a couple of pics. In the next few days the flowers should open completely and I'll do my best to remember to post a pic. It's a very pretty bloom!

These are the two containers I planted a few weeks ago. The first is on the chair by the front door. Just LOOK at that licorice plant! It is going to take over the entire porch, I'm afraid! ;)

This one was moved to the side porch, by my rocking chairs. It is filling out nicely, too and has been blooming profusely.

And here are some lilies by the front porch. I LOVE these things. I have them planted by all the fence posts in the backyard, too.

Guess I could have pulled off that one dead bloom hanging there before I snapped this shot.

Now I can't wait until my black-eyed Susans open up and spread their cheer!
LOVE LOVE LOVE those things!

So tell me...
How does your garden grow?
: )


  1. Pretty flowers, Kelli!! Love the bee balm, I think I have some of that, but didn't know the name either! I love your containers, too. The galvanized one is so cute.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Lookin' good around here! Oh good! I'm glad you solved your mystery plant :-) Things are blooming up a storm here at Windy Poplars too. We just cut a WHEELBARROW (literally) full of hydrangeas today! Filled up the whole house w/ their loveliness, took a bunch to my mom and sisters, and took some as a hostess gift to our friends who hosted a picnic tonight. I'm in hydrangea heaven :-)

  3. Your pictures from your garden are lovely! I especially like your container combinations. (I don't have much success with them myself, but always admire other peoples'!)

    My garden grows at

  4. The pictures of your flowers are really pretty!!

  5. I really love the chair photo. Really love the tonal qualities. Love it!


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