Thursday, June 3, 2010

Those Pearly Whites!

Today we visited our orthodontist's office. It's such a cool place! :) I don't think any of my kids have ever dreaded a trip to the orthodontist.

This is my favorite little corner of the waiting room.

It's a drink station and in the winter (which is the only time I partake of hot drinks) there are yummy cappuccinos and hot chocolate. Of course that wasn't even a consideration today since we're near 90* with high humidity.

Also notice that nifty screen there on the wall. It is constantly scrolling pics of new patients, newly completed patients, special events, and all sorts of neat stuff. It's a really nice touch to the waiting room and the kids love to see their faces flash across the screen!

In the treatment room there are all these gorgeously colorful kites hanging from the ceiling.

It is a very happy office with a terrific, friendly staff. I've been going there for fifteen years now. Yes, FIFTEEN! Seems crazy even to me, but when you space your kids the way I did...

If you live anywhere close to Charleston, WV (and even if you don't...we live 45 minutes away ourselves and have many orthodontists whose offices are just a short drive from our home) I would highly recommend that you give Dr. Panucci and her staff the opportunity to give you one of their famous 'Panucci Smiles'. :)
Click HERE to see more about Dr. Panucci and her orthodontic practice.

Anyway, today was HUGE for Perri because ten minutes after we walked in the door
she was transformed.
Just a little of this:

and a moment to admire the results herself:

and then I got to see this:

SO worth the wait!

"Mom, they FEEL funny!"

This is Dr. Panucci.

She is not only a great orthodontist but a really sweet person, too. : ) Thank you, Dr. Panucci, for giving my children those beautiful smiles and for making the entire process much less painful than it could have been. : )

We left there and gave Perri her choice of where to eat her first 'braceless' lunch. She chose Penn Station and REALLY enjoyed one of these:

Just for fun, I'm going to share with you exactly how much progress was made. We went from this (in 2005 when we started Phase 1):

To this:

All in all it was a very happy day. : ) The only exception is that looking at these pics has made me realize how much my baby girl has grown up in the last 5 years! It's enough to break a mother's heart! And make her want to hide her baby girl away under lock and key.