Friday, June 11, 2010

Fantabulous Friday!

Why, as a matter of fact, it IS!!!

{This is gonna be another random post, folks, so hang on tight! : )}

There are lots of great things about Friday. It's by far the most anticipated day of the week, it seems. EVERYONE looks forward to Friday! When you work outside the home you don't really mind getting out of bed when the alarm sounds on Friday morning because....well, it's FRIDAY! The last day of the work week, the beginning of the weekend, the I don't have to set my alarm tonight! day of the week. Friday is much anticipated even when you're a homemaker because (at least for me) it signals the beginning of full-time family time. I love it when we're all together, cooking out or playing yard games or just hanging out. That's good stuff. : )

Since today is my HAPPY day, I'm going to share a few things that are currently making me smile.

First of all, there is.....

This time of year brings on even more family time for us. We get together more often and do fun things outside. On Sunday we'll be celebrating my son-in-law's birthday with a cookout, so all my kids will be here and it's sure to be a great day! : )

Another reason to smile:
Old family photos I've been sorting and scanning.
(Yes, that's me up there! And down there, in the swimming pool. That's my Mom keeping pudgy little me upright and the neighbors' houses in the background.)

A THIRD thing that has me grinning...

My Christmas shopping has begun!
I am well aware that this one will earn me a "HUSH YOUR MOUTH, GIRL!" from a few of you, but the first of the gifts for Christmas 2010 has arrived at the Williams House!

I like to buy things that people really want, will put to good use and not just give something for the sake of being able to say I gave a gift. Thoughtful shopping takes time and my hope is that by starting now I can be completely FINISHED with Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. I do believe I will go ahead and get it wrapped and be done with it, too. I was this far ahead of the game a few years back and it was a wonderful feeling knowing that I could go out amongst the maddening crowds of harried Christmas shoppers in those final days of 'super sales' and 'rock bottom prices' and not feel the pressure. In fact, I could even sit back and giggle a little.

(And Winking Retro Woman ALWAYS makes me smile!)

So tell me, what's putting a grin on your face and a song in YOUR heart these days?


  1. Those pictures are so cute! I love that you shop early and take the time to buy thoughtful gifts. I need to be better about that. Happy Friday. I'm smiling because my kids are healthy and I get a date night with my hubby!

  2. I think it's smart to already start shopping. Wish I could do that!

    I have had a lot of stress lately, so it's hard to think of anything positive. I am definitely happy I have healthy kids!

  3. wow!
    you have inspired me to start early!

    great family pictures!!!

  4. I love Fridays too! Yip, yip, yahoo! I also love the pictures of yourself! Don't have time to think about Christmas yet, but will before long. I like to get it done well ahead of time!

  5. Hooray for Fridays, AND for early Christmas shopping! I've got a great start on mine too, and boy, does it feel good! I like your bathroom cleaning tips- thanks for sharing! Hope your enjoy your weekend to the full Kelli!


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