Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Ramble

I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to blog.

Not fair.

Here's the short list of what's happening in my life:

All Stars practice (the Hubster coaches, Perri plays) has been going full swing. Since we're also hosting District Playoffs, lots of work going on at the ball field, too.

Perri left for 4H camp on Thursday. No cell phones allowed. Several kids smuggled them in anyway and last night she texts me that:
1. She's STARVING. The food in not edible (several adults have told me the same thing) and she's living on granola bars and orange juice.
2. Her cabin is FREEZING. It's been in the 90s around here and all she took was her Snuggie, but someone in the cabin is obviously hormonal or something and she says you can practically see your breath.
3. She got stuck in a 'boring' cabin. There are only 2 boring cabins at camp and of course she was assigned to one of them.
4. Camp is fun anyway! :)

The first All Star game is this evening and I'll be taking my girl a nice hot, home cooked meal. And an extra blanket.

We booked an actual.........DRUMROLL, PLEASE!..........


It has been five years since we took a real vacation and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to some beach time.
Toes in the sand

the lullaby of the ocean putting me to sleep at night

fun with the kids

You can't imagine how excited I am! :)

I am busy planning our 4th of July celebration for this Saturday, too.
Lots of friends and family, good food, fun games....
bookended by Ripley's HUGE parade that morning and stunning fireworks that night!
We LOVE the Fourth!

Today isn't all happiness and light though. At about 3 o'clock this morning our state lost one of it's greatest allies.

Senator Robert Byrd passed away at the age of 92.

A very sad day for West Virginia. :(

And now I must get busy. Hopefully I'll have time to come back here tonight after the game. I hope to take some pics that are fit to post...I'm not a great action photographer. At. All.

Need to work on that.

Hope everyone has a terrific Monday! :)