Tuesday, January 4, 2011

THE Boot

Meet Candie's Verona.

Isn't she lovely?

If life were fair, she would be in my closet. Along with her mate, of course.

But alas, by the time I discovered this perfect example of absolutely delectable footwear
there were absolutely NONE in my size.

And I mean NONE.

Like, nowhere in the country or on the internet or ANYWHERE.

Do you have any idea how long it has been since I had a pair of cute boots?

Oh, I have snow boots.
The sturdy, sensible kind of footwear that has Thinsulate for warmth
and Gortex to keep the tootsies dry.
And I really appreciate my good, solid, sensible boots.
Really I do!

But WOW. Couldn't I just be stylin' in these cuties?

The last cute boots I owned were bought for homecoming.
As in junior high school homecoming.

We're talking 1980, folks.

And they were lovely with my plaid wool skirt and velvet blazer.

THIS is THE boot.

And apparently half the nation thought so, too, because not only are they sold out at my local Kohl's, but I've even had friends be so kind as to check the Kohl's where they live, too.
Michigan, Florida, New York...all OVER the place.

Nada. Zip. Zero.

No Verona, size 9 1/2.

My firm foundation is very sad, right along with the rest of me.

If only I had never seen that pretty little 6 1/2 sitting there on the shelf when we went shopping.

Like I could even get my big TOE in a 6 1/2.

(Last time I wore that size was about 5th grade.)

I could, perhaps, wear the box in which it was stored.
But somehow that's just not the same.

So I'm just gonna keep this picture and dream about what might have been.

Perhaps I'll print it off and hang it next to my shoe rack.

Or on the bottom of my mirror. That way when I'm dressed and ready to go,
I can stand before that mirror and see myself wearing those cute little boots.

Yeah! THAT'S the ticket! ; )