Monday, January 10, 2011

Plans Sure Do Change

I mentioned in Friday's post that I was going to make dinner rolls because I had time and they just sounded good. By the time I got to the kitchen my cravings were going an entirely different direction and I ended up making these:
This cinnamon roll recipe will appear in Kelli's Kitchen soon. Promise.
They were super yummy!

I also said I'd be making Scotcharoos to take to the Pinewood Derby bake sale,
but I ended up making some of these:
(Forgot to snap a photo of my peanut butter cookies, so I found this through Google Images.)

So I said meat loaf for dinner, huh?
Well, I also had made and frozen some meatballs, and I happened to have some tortellini on hand, so that's what we ended up with on our plates.

Ever get the feeling that I have a difficult time making decisions?
So for dinner today....I'll just report in after the fact.
Whatever it ends up being, I'm sure it won't be whatever I choose this morning!

As for the rest of the day, it will mostly involve some work around the house,
a little laundry, and maybe reorganizing the pantry.
It is in desperate need of some work and I don't see anyone else
jumping up and down, volunteering to do it for me.

Wait a minute.
Yes, YOU! Right there.
Did I just see your hand go up?
Are you sure?
There's a nice, warm, gooey cinnamon roll in it for you!