Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here I was, minding my own business this morning, getting ready to run into town to get the oil changed in my car, when in walked my daughter Brie. She said "Come on, you're going with me. Let's go!" I gave her one of these:

Except I am a little more feminine than this guy.
I think

It appeared that everyone else was in on the big secret because they were all basically pushing me out the door, but no one was spillin' the beans. I had no idea what was happening. So I ended up giving in, grabbing my coat and getting in the car. Perri hopped in, too, since she was in on this big secret. I threatened to ground her if she didn't tell me where we were going.

She was unbreakable. Totally.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting in the most heavenly massage chair with a *diet Dr. Pepper in hand and my feet soaking in a nice hot foot bath. Then a really nice Asian man was massaging my calves and feet and giving me a fabulous pedicure.

My first ever pedicure.

Yes, I was a pedicure virgin before today. And now I have to say I totally understand why some women seem to be addicted to them. ; )

And here is the end result:

I don't often allow people to see my feet.
This might just change that old habit. : )

I feel like a new woman! : ) It's amazing what a little pampering can do for the soul.

Brie is always doing sweet things like this for me. I have the best kids (and son-in-law!) in the whole world! They're always doing things to bring a little sunshine to my day. : )

How did I get so lucky? : )

*Yes, I gave up diet Dr. Pepper several weeks ago, but not totally. I was drinking at least one and sometimes 2 20 oz. bottles a day. It was TOO much. Now I have one only occasionally. It's a treat! : )