Saturday, January 1, 2011

Counting down...

I am a very goal-oriented person. It's good to have something to which you can look forward; something to work toward; a little pot at the end of the rainbow...ya know? So here are a few of the things that already have me counting down this year:

Until the Yankees' Season Opener
( only 56 days until their preseason opener )

I really miss baseball.

Could you tell?

109 Days
*Give or Take*

Until my new grandson arrives!

143 Days
(This is an approximate number, too. Due to snow days and such.)

I like having my kids at home. : )

236 Days
Until School Resumes

I'll probably be just about ready for them to go back by then. ; )

272 Days

That's my favorite month, ya know. ; )

327 Days
Until Thanksgiving!

And that means only

329 Days
Until the Christmas tree goes back up!

Of course, those are just the highlights.
There's a whole lot of life taking place in between all of these.
There are meals to be prepared, hugs and snuggles to be enjoyed,
'I Love You'
s to be exchanged and smiles to be shared.
There will be much laughter and, I'm sure,
a tear here and there.
There will be SO MANY opportunities to do something NICE for someone.
There will be dozens and dozens of chances to put a little bit of happy in a stranger's day...
let someone go ahead of you at the checkout;
drop an extra coin in the parking meter next to yours;
prepare an extra plate at dinnertime to take to an elderly neighbor;

Little things really can make a BIG difference!

Try out the whole goal thing.
Set some for yourself.
Give yourself something to which you can look forward.

Make 2011 your best year yet and...