Monday, January 10, 2011

Just how sentimental can one person be?

I confess to being very, very sentimental. Pretty much over-the-top sentimental, in fact. Just ask The Hubster. He gets a big kick out of some of the things to which I become attached. I'm a big saver of meaningful (to me) things, ya know.

*Our first ever grocery store receipt as a married couple.
* The little box in which my engagement ring was purchased.
* Teeth. (Yes, I have an agreement with the Tooth Fairy. She has returned to me all of the teeth my children have lost throughout the years. )
*The pregnancy tests I took that came back positive. Which was pretty much all of them.
(Yes, I kept those. Don't roll your eyes!) ; )

Yes, there are lots of things tucked into my cedar chest, assorted totes and containers, and various drawers around the house. You just never know what you might come across while searching for a working flashlight or a pen that actually writes. (However, you are not likely to find either of those things around here.)

Anyway, back to my tale. While cleaning out the pantry, I found this:

If you could feel this sandwich bag, you'd know right away how old it is. It is much heavier than the ones we have today. It's also just a little...yellowed? And it isn't even Ziploc! *GASP* Just a fold-over, showing its age.
The little box of cloves has lived in that yellowed sandwich baggie for somewhere in excess of 25 years.

Maybe closer to 30.

Or more.

And I simply can't bring myself to throw this away. No way... no how...not happening.

You see, this little box of cloves came from my Mama Jones' kitchen. When I was very young I wanted to make a clove-studded orange and there was not a clove to be had at our house. Mama told me to get the ones from her kitchen cabinet and she had two partial boxes. (Guess I got some of my shopping skills from her, since I'm always buying duplicates, too.)

So this is what's left of those cloves. They are very special cloves because they were my Mama's cloves. They have survived four moves and many, many pantry cleanings.

But Kelli, you're PURGING.

These cloves must GO, you say?

Well, they did.

Right back to where they belong.