Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Newest Cooking Utensil

Have you ever used one of these to prepare dinner?

I did just this week.
( I actually do this pretty often.)

It enables me to clear a path to this:
And honest to goodness, we had one of the best dinners EVER on Monday night!

I marinated some super thin-cut eye of round steaks in one of these:
Have you ever tried it? Just rip off the tear-strip at the top and open the Ziploc.
Drop in the beef/chicken/pork or whatever you want to marinate.
Zip it closed and stick it in the fridge.

And man oh man, the FLAVOR! This is good stuff.

Anyway, I also sliced onions and bell peppers. After marinating them in some Italian salad dressing for an hour or so, I threw them in my grill wok.
I baked some potatoes and Brie cut up a tossed salad.
We also steamed some broccoli and squeezed a little lemon juice over it.
(That's my favorite way to eat broccoli! Simple, fresh and yummy.)

OH! The fresh pineapple! Can't forget about that!
Brie sliced it into spears and I threw them on the grill
for a few minutes, just long enough to get those lovely grill marks.


Two steaming hot loaves of Italian bread and a tub of butter completed the feast.


There is nothing quite like grilled food to give you a little taste of summer!

Even when you need one of these

to get to the grill.

* I don't want to forget my 'attitude of gratitude'.
is Thankful Thursday, after all. *

Things I'm thankful for today:
~Snow days with my kids.~
~A cozy fire when it's frigid outside.~
~A summery meal when we've had enough of wintery soups.~
~Safe travels when we had to go out today.~
~My kids giggling together.~
~Flannel sheets.~