Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress is Being Made!

I am making progress with this whole organization thing. I'm also discovering which things around the house are not my friends. For instance, this:

Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? But this three drawer nightstand is on my side of the bed. NOT a good idea. It's just too stinkin' convenient. Yes sir, that is one multifunctional piece of furniture, I tell ya. You can not only clutter it up on top, but also in all three drawers and by leaning piles of books and magazines against its sides! Doesn't get much better than that, does it? But as you can see, it is nice and neat now. I emptied, sorted and organized, trashing lots of things and finding new homes for others. Where on earth some of that stuff came from I may never know!

Then yesterday morning, while putting away clean laundry, I grew irritated with the appearance of my dresser drawers. (And no, you're not getting a picture of those!)

So I said to myself "Self, how on earth do they get so messy?"

And then I answered "Well, first of all there is way too much stuff in there! And I don't use HALF of it!"

And then I began to toss.


Now they are very organized and contain only the things I actually wear! : ) What a novel idea, huh? ; )

So onward and upward, my friends! The more progress I make here at the house, the more my mood lifts. This decluttering and organizing is good for the soul! : )

Now if only I'd find some relief for these aching legs that still feel like limp noodles after yesterday's workout...