Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So much going on...

...and so little about which to write.


I mean, I don't want to numb your brain with the trivial things that are my life right now.
  • Yes, I could tell you all about the decluttering I'm doing throughout the house.
  • Or I could tell you that Tucker might just be getting contacts today. (Cross your fingers for that one, please.)
  • I could share the fact that not only are we doing the eye doc thing today, but he sees the orthodontist tomorrow to start that long process.
  • And I could tell you about being so excited to make steak fajitas for dinner yesterday but then very disappointed that the entire dinner tasted...well, funny. Not funny 'haha' but funny as in off. Absolutely nothing tastes right to me since being sick last week. Ick.
See what I'm saying? Right now I'm just livin' life and there's really nothing very exciting or blog-worthy about it. Guess I need a little excitement, but it almost frightens me to even type that. Who knows WHAT might happen!

Guess I'll just go on with my day and see if maybe just maybe I stumble across some great blog fodder. I promise to be on the lookout! ; )