Friday, January 14, 2011

The Way My Mind Works {or} Just How Confusing Can I Be?

I'm gonna give you an idea of how my mind operates.

Brace yourselves.

I stopped at the school today to give my son some pain meds for his achy little mouth. :(
(He got his palate expander two days ago. Yep, it's party time for the Tucker Man.)

Anyway, I was standing in the office talking to the secretary, the principal and a couple of teachers when one of them asked if I was going to a hot dog fundraiser that was being held today. I told her yes, I was on my way there to drop off a cake I had baked for the dessert table. She asked if she could place a large order for all the teachers and she needed details, so I told her I didn't have the answers but I knew who did.
"*Jane Doe is in charge and I happen to have her cell phone number. Let me give it to you", I said, trying to be helpful.
But when I looked in my contacts on my phone, Jane's name was nowhere to be found.
How could that be? I had never actually met her but had spoken with her on the phone
just a couple of days ago.


"Well," I went on, "I don't know her from Adam, but....WAIT!
That's IT! Her number is in my texts!"

And as I grabbed for my cell phone again, I saw lots of this:

on the faces around me.

Yes, I suppose my thought process could be a bit...
well, shall we say alarming?
for those who aren't around me all that much.

Better explain, I thought.

"Well, I said 'I don't know her from Adam' and that made me remember that Adam texted me her number! Well, not exactly Adam. It was actually *John, but he has a brother named Adam. And that's what made me remember that Jane's number is in my texts and not my contacts."

Then I laughed.

After all, what else could I really do?
Everyone else joined in, too. I mean, hey.
What else could they really do?

Oh well. At least I'm entertaining.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
And those who just don't want everyone else to know they're acquainted with me. ; )