Friday, January 28, 2011

Changes...they are a comin'! (maybe)

I'm playing around with WordPress and seeing if I am at all capable of figuring out how to use it. I like some of the features it offers and I'm hoping it isn't completely over my head. Only time will tell. Hoping to find time this weekend to work on it some more (I'm already set up...just trying to see if I can actually use it!) and maybe, just maybe I'll have a link for you to check out on Monday. I hope to incorporate both of my blogs into one WordPress location to make things a whole lot simpler. We'll see how it goes!

Those of you who are currently using WordPress, feel free to drop me an email or comment on here about what you like most, what took you the longest to figure out, even what you don't like...just anything that would be helpful! I'd really appreciate it. : )

Wish me luck! ; )