Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frosty Fall Morning

This morning I awakened to our first frost of the year and I was THRILLED! : ) I adore fall weather! You may awaken to a sparkling frost, then by midday the bright blue skies are dotted with fluffy, cottonball clouds. The sun is bright enough to make you think summer, but sends only enough warmth to cut the chill of the breeze.

Here is one of my October Glory maples.
Her twin is not quite as far along in changing into her fall cloak, but I'm sure she'll catch up soon.

And my fire bush is bright and beautiful right now as well.

I'll try to get a full shot of my yard while all the colors are vibrant.
I just need the right lighting and right now I'm not sure when exactly that occurs.

And here is a shot of what I most enjoyed this morning:

See the frost line? I love to watch the sparkles dissolve and melt away as the sun's warmth reaches further and further across the yard. It wasn't a very heavy frost, but it certainly was beautiful out there this morning. I just don't have that gift for capturing it with my pitiful camera.

My house currently smells like a little slice of autumn, too! :) Just took a pumpkin roll out of the oven and as soon as it has cooled I'll be spreading on the cream cheese filling, rolling it back up and putting it in the fridge to chill. LOVE me some punkin' log! :) Be sure to check for the recipe later on tonight over at Kelli's Kitchen.

Hope all of you are having the same beautiful weather we're enjoying and that your weekend is relaxing and sweet! :)