Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Pennies

A few years ago, penny poems were all the rage in the crafting world. You just print off a poem and cute Halloween graphics on business card stock, add a little dot of hot glue to hold a penny for good luck, and hand them out to trick-or-treaters along with the usual Halloween treats. Or you can just hand one to anyone you think needs a little lift. : ) They usually result in appreciative smiles.

For those of you who are pretty good at creating your own designs on your computers, I'm going to go ahead and post some of the poems I wrote for the Halloween versions of these good luck pennies. Later on, when I have a moment, I will attempt to design printable versions complete with graphics to make it an even simpler project, especially for those of you who aren't as confident in your computer skills.


Though it has no hairy warts
To prove to you it's true,
This is a witch's penny
And 'til Halloween is through,
Be sure to put this penny
In a special hiding place
'Cause Witchy-poo will find it
When she's spooking up the place!

©2004 Kelli Williams

This new dude moved in next door
And he's quite a fearful sight!
The first time that I saw him
He gave me quite a fright!
He dropped this coin out on the street
And when I found it there,
I tried to give it back to him
But he gave me quite a scare!
As I ran past his mailbox
I saw it just in time...
No wonder he's so frightening!
His name is Frank N. Stein!

©2004 Kelli Williams

This penny is under
A special spell
And will protect you
Very well.
When you encounter
A Halloween ghost,
That's when you'll need
This penny most!

©2004 Kelli Williams