Friday, October 1, 2010


Ever had Payday in a Jar? Talk about some yummy stuff! I'm not a huge peanut fan but I do like this to nibble on from time to time. Candy corn being a seasonal item is a GOOD thing. Otherwise I'd be eating this year round.

AND...since I haven't made any this year because I DON'T want it in the house...I have no pic to share. But trust me, this is all it is:

Equal amounts of peanuts and candy corn, mixed together.
Just mix it up and pour it into mason jars.
(You can decorate the jars any way you like, but I love to use squares of fabric cut with pinking shears and tied onto the lid with raffia.)

And it really does taste just like this:

The verse is what makes it:

Not your typical Halloween treat,
They never go very far!
This may look unusual
But it's Payday in a Jar!
Can't imagine that this is good?
Well try it and you'll see.
Same flavor as the candy bar,
Tasty as can be!

©2004 Kelli Williams


With all the folks in costume
On this frightful Halloween,
From the grownups to the babies
And all kiddies in between,
The Payday bar was feelin'
Just a little bit left out
And figured that since costumes
Seem to be what it's about,
He would try to dress up, too,
And get in on the action!
So this is what he settled on
And to his satisfaction,
The taste is mighty tempting
Though it seems something's amiss,
'Cause who ever saw a Payday bar
Lookin' quite like this?

©2004 Kelli Williams

Even without the verse, it's a much appreciated little treat. I once put it in snack size baggies in a Spatterware bowl that sat on the table in my foyer. Anyone who visited got to grab a baggie on their way out. :)

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  1. SO CUTE! And considering I literally have SIXTY pounds of raw peanuts drying out on my back porch.....I now have something to do with some of them!



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