Sunday, October 3, 2010

These little guys are SO cute!

Two clay pots (one upside down, one right side up), some paint and a little hot glue. That's all you need! (Well, Franky there has plastic gooogly-eyes and wooden plugs in his 'neck'.) I even took close-up shots of them so you could see the paint detail. I filled these with individually wrapped candies and sold them at craft shows. I also gave them to a couple of teachers and Brie took one to work with her (she used to work in a doctor's office) to set on her desk.


  1. Those are so cute and very creative. Thanks for stopping by. The drapes are by Pottery Barn and discontinued, but we found them on ebay. The pattern is called Emmy I think.

  2. They are indeed very cute... Loved the design and the paint!
    Have a niceday:)

  3. These are really cute little gobblins! I like Frankie's google eyes :-D


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