Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Between lessons learned, volleyball games, a Cub Scout meeting, birthday parties and a whole lot of baking, these last few days have been a crazy-busy rollercoaster. From the looks of my schedule for this coming week,
I have much more of the same in store for me.
But busy is good. : )


I've had a request for Kelli's Kitchen, so this week I will be making bread pudding and vanilla sauce. It's a recipe that my grandmother started using back during the Great Depression when nothing, not even stale bread, was allowed to go to waste.
I'll also post the cute little story of how she came by the recipe in the first place. ; )


Random Acts of Kindness are pretty wonderful. : ) While having dinner at a local restaurant with my family on Sunday afternoon, a perfect stranger touched my shoulder, smiled and said "Your hair is beautiful!" as she walked past our table.
How sweet! Hope she realized that she really made my day! : )


There are only 67 days until Christmas!


Today is Perri's last volleyball game of the season. This makes me sad. :( I'm a huge softball/baseball fan, but the season doesn't last long enough to keep Perri busy year round. Since leaving gymnastics (which is a FULL TIME sport) she has struggled to stay as busy as she stayed in the gym. She decided to give volleyball a try and I'll be honest...I DREADED IT. I am very happy to say that I surprised myself by LOVING IT!


I think that's about all the miscellany I can handle on this Monday morning.
How about you?

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