Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No wonder there are no comments on this blog.

That's what she wrote.

"No wonder there are no comments on this blog. Boring."

Well please now, Penny, tell me how you really feel.

Why some people feel the need to be rude is beyond me. If she didn't like what she saw here, why not just move on to the next? I know that there is not one blog out there that is perfect for every reader and I don't expect everyone to like this one. Believe me, I have visited blogs that I wish I had never seen. But do you know what I do when that happens?

I click and I move on.

No, I don't leave rude or hurtful comments first. I don't insult or degrade the blog or the blogger. I don't display inappropriate behavior while hiding behind my computer.


I move on.

It's a simple concept. So I urge those trolls who are cruising the blogosphere in search of a place to spew their venom to find a new hobby.

Grow up.

Learn to play nicely with others.

Learn some manners.

Learn to click.

And move on.