Thursday, October 21, 2010

Luminous Leaves and Future one

Just a few pics I want to share.

The October Glory maples are absolutely beautiful in person.
I wish my camera could really capture how bright they are!
They are perfectly luminous and these pics just don't do them justice.

This burning bush simply glows!
You can see it in the above pic, all the way to the left end of the porch.

I thought that perhaps a different angle of the tree might show the sunlight that made it a blinding red, but if there was an angle that did that I certainly didn't discover it. :(

What's left of the garden.
Soon we'll cut it and make fodder shocks.

And just for fun...
This is a shot Brie took of Tucker.
She was practicing action shots and wanted to catch him midair.
I just think it is SO cute! Not sure where the hat came from or how it is that he managed to
look like a jazz dancer in his pose,
but I LIKE IT! : )

And by the way....